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Why Buy a Home in the Winter?

Bloomington Mortgage Lender - Buying in Winter

Why Buy a Home in the Winter?

This year real estate sales were vigorous with prices escalating and multiple, competing offers on desirable properties. Due to this competition for the good homes, many sellers received offers substantially over their asking price. Many buyers were disappointed that their offers were rejected, often on several homes they tried to buy.

There are many reasons to buy a home in the winter…

1. You can’t really know how a home functions in the summer. The furnace isn’t operating and the windows don’t do much in the summer. Most roofs look OK in the summer. Well, you can tell that the air conditioning works.

2. You can really see how a home functions in the winter. Look at the roof; see if there is snow on it, which indicates that the insulation is probably adequate. You can also see if there are ice dams forming on the eaves. Ice dams can cause serious damage to a home.

3. Windows are important to the overall heating and cooling of a home. You can check and see if they are leaking cold air into the home or if they are foggy or have moisture on the glass, etc. Not a good sign.

4. Comfort. When you are inside the home, is it drafty or do you feel comfortable?

5. Motivated sellers. They probably have to move due to some reason such as health or a job transfer. Motivated sellers are more receptive to offers, so maybe you can save several thousand dollars.

6. Less competition. There are fewer buyers out in the market. Therefore you can probably negotiate a better deal without the pressure of competing with multiple offers from other buyers.

So, in my humble opinion and for the reasons outlined here… the best time to buy a home… is in the winter.

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