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How Rising Mortgage Rates Can Affect Your Mortgage

How Rising Mortgage Rates Can Affect You - Edina Mortgage Lender

How Rising Mortgage Rates Can Affect Your Mortgage

It is finally that time of year where the weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing colors and people are starting to prepare for the upcoming holidays. With the overwhelming seasonal feels, nothing screams “home sweet home” more than purchasing your own home. This means that now is an excellent time to become a homeowner because who wouldn’t want to go to a local pumpkin patch, buy a pumpkin and display your purchase out on your front porch?

It is worth noting, however, that although you reap the benefits of receiving excellent deals on a home this time of year, mortgage rates are constantly on the rise. So, to help you get started, your local Edina mortgage lender, Brian Emerson with Edge Home Finance, has listed how rising mortgage rates can affect potential buyers and how he can help you overcome these obstacles and make your dreams of homeownership come true.

How Rising Mortgage Rates Can Affect You

When beginning the home buying process, the last thing consumers want is an increase in rates when trying to settle on an Edina mortgage. When mortgage rates rise, the borrow will be expected to pay more interest, which means they will have to spend more money than originally expected on their mortgage.

This increase could ultimately affect your affordability and you may no longer be able to afford the home that you originally had your eyes on. Or, it could push back your move-in date if you need to take the time to save up more money.

So, to help overcome these financial obstacles, Brian Emerson with Edge Home Finance is here to help.

How Brian Can Help You

Brian is your local Edina mortgage lender that provides a variety of different home loan options from conventional to government-backed loans. He can customize your mortgage so that it fits into your financial plan and he will do everything he can to ensure you get the lowest, most competitive rates on the market. Brian will also review your finances, run a credit check, and see what your current affordability is. This knowledge can help save you time and money when shopping the residential market, so you know which homes are within your budget.

Get Started Today

If you have any questions or would like to start receiving the best mortgage rates available, please contact Brian Emerson at 612-203-5478.


  • Donaldcat | Sep 9,2019

    I’m 23. I have $30000. How can I best use it to make more money:

    • cmc-admin | Sep 29,2019

      You could invest in real estate. Single family rentals are very good cash flow providers. If you call me I can show you how to locate and finance them. I can make your $30,000 go quite far. 612-203.5478.

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